Aftercare Treatment Program in Cohasset, Massachusetts

East Coast Recovery is proud to offer aftercare support to clients who need ongoing care and resources after graduating from residential, partial hospitalization, or intensive outpatient treatment in Cohasset, Massachusetts

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Our Aftercare Program

Our aftercare program outside Boston provides structured and long-term recovery support through our partnerships with local outpatient treatment programs, sober living homes, private practices, support meetings, alum programs, and much more. It can be hard to adjust to daily life and responsibilities after spending time in treatment surrounded by supportive clinicians and peers.

One study found that substance use disorders affect nearly 10% of adults in the US, and around half relapse within 12 months. Research indicates most relapses result because of a lack of additional support systems after treatment, and aftercare services significantly increase the effects of treatment. 

Are You Covered For Treatment?

East Coast Recovery Center partners with numerous private insurance providers. Our team is committed to assisting you in quickly and effortlessly verifying your insurance coverage for treatment.

What’s Included In Aftercare

At East Coast Recovery Center, each aftercare plan is individualized to meet each client’s long-term goals. Some components of your aftercare plan may include:

  • Continuing therapy and counseling: We can connect clients with outpatient centers, local therapists, psychiatrists, counselors, and other private practices where they can discover who they are after treatment and overcome new challenges.

  • Support groups: We host regular in-person and virtual group therapy sessions where alums can share stories about their life post-treatment and what they’ve found to be successful and tackle new stressors together.

  • Intensive outpatient program: Because of its part-time schedule, intensive outpatient programs are considered aftercare treatment. Clients can transition out of a higher level of care into our IOP program, or we can connect them with centers that are local to them.

  • Alum events and reunions: Every client who completes our addiction treatment program can join the East Coast Recovery Alum Community. We host regular reunions, events, outings, and psychoeducation classes in and around Cohasset, MA.

  • Relapse prevention planning: Clients can meet with one of our addiction specialists, who can update their treatment plan with new strategies, coping skills, and support systems that counter new triggers, cravings, or risky situations.

  • Family follow-up counseling: Family members can join in on their loved one’s aftercare program, meet with a clinician, review their loved one’s progress, and attend family therapy sessions and psychoeducation classes.

  • Medication management: We can connect clients with co-occurring disorders with local psychiatrists, primary care providers, and other resources that can provide long-term dual diagnosis and medication-assisted treatment.

  • Partnerships with sober living homes: We can help clients without a stable living environment find sober living homes or supportive housing local to their area.

Benefits Of Effective Aftercare Support in Cohasset, MA

Aftercare is the best way for individuals in addiction recovery to connect and deepen their relationships with their sponsors, clinicians, and loved ones. The benefits of signing up for aftercare with East Coast Recovery include:

  • Health: Aftercare helps our clients maintain their sobriety and make informed, healthy choices in their daily lives. This can dramatically improve sleep, energy, mental clarity, and overall quality of life.

  • Home: Living in an environment with frequent exposure to drug and alcohol use can lead to strong cravings and even relapse. Our partnership with sober living homes removes a person from risky environments and places them in an atmosphere conducive to positive, healthy goals.

  • Purpose: Aftercare reinforces independence and purpose and encourages clients to get involved in new pursuits and meaningful hobbies, such as a new job, school, volunteerism, caretaking, writing, painting, exercising, and more.

  • Community: We encourage human connection by emphasizing community-based therapies such as a 12-step program and by pairing with local community coalitions such as Safe Harbor Cohasset Coalition. We also hold on-site Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings and guided yoga and meditation sessions to help achieve peace in recovery, together.

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How Aftercare Treatment At East Coast Recovery Is Different

Unlike other treatment centers that dismiss or forget about past clients, we’re dedicated to ensuring each client is prepared and supported enough for long-term recovery. That involves treating each client as an individual with their own unique needs and welcoming them into our extended recovery family. Additionally, each aftercare plan is completely customizable. For example, clients who struggle to maintain sobriety around the holidays or colder seasons can increase the number of therapy sessions they attend during those seasons.

We can also develop thorough relapse prevention plans, identifying warning signs like missing group meetings or counseling sessions, withdrawing socially, changes in eating or sleeping habits, strong drug cravings, or romanticizing past drug use. Accountability is a key aspect of aftercare, as individuals in recovery groups are supportive and observant, noticing when someone stops attending meetings.

Is Aftercare Right For You?

Our aftercare program in Cohasset, Massachusetts, is perfect for those who:

  • Struggle to maintain sobriety after leaving treatment

  • Feel isolated in their recovery process

  • Struggle to make healthy decisions or stick with their relapse plan

  • Want to stay accountable and engaged

  • Want to feel confident and supported during risky situations

Walk the Path With Us

At East Coast Recovery Center, our mission is to help those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction achieve success in recovery and life. Our campus is located 45 minutes outside of Boston in beautiful Cohasset, Massachusetts. This is where your healing journey can begin. Every person’s path is different, so our approach to treatment for substance abuse must be different as well. Call, email, or fill out a form to get started on your path to recovery.

Connect With Us Now

Reach out to us now for immediate support, or let us know the best time to contact you through our confidential callback service. Your journey to healing is just a conversation away.


Anyone who’s completed a residential, partial hospitalization, or other intensive treatment program. The basic eligibility is an honest commitment to sobriety.

Addiction is an ongoing mental disorder that doesn’t stop when a person completes treatment. Through the healthy lifestyle changes that aftercare provides and supports, a person can help solidify their sobriety and enjoy a life free of drug addiction.

Aftercare can last as long as a client needs it.

Talk to any of our admissions agents or clinicians before or during treatment about implementing aftercare into your treatment plan.

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