Intake and Assessment

The Intake and Assessment Process At East Coast Recovery Center

At East Coast Recovery, the first step in your journey toward recovery is our assessment process. We employ highly qualified, compassionate medical professionals that are skilled at determining exactly the level of care that may apply to your unique situation upon your arrival to our facility. Our staff takes into consideration all factors regarding your particular situation in order to place you in a treatment program that meets you where you are in your journey.

We employ an approach to individual assessment that starts with a screening to determine the suggested level of care based on the severity of substance use diagnosis. From there, a brief intervention focuses on instilling an increase in awareness regarding substance use and motivation toward positive change in recovery. If your situation deems it necessary, our staff can then help you to access specialty care to get you started on the right path. 

This initial screening is a multi-step process with the aim of setting you up for success in recovery. The primary goals of this process include:

Intervention: Not everyone who enters a treatment program is doing so willingly. Often they are entered into treatment due to risk of overdose or suicide in an effort to prevent potentially fatal circumstances. At East Coast Recovery, our medically licensed staff can help provide compassionate support and assistance through the initial screening process.

Determining Treatment Eligibility: At East Coast Recovery, we’re committed to helping you find the treatment program that is right for you and your situation. Some programs may work better than others and the initial screening process can help us determine which approach is the correct one for you.

Education: Our staff is well-trained in setting you up for success in recovery. You will be provided with all the information you need, so you know what to expect during your treatment at our facilities.

Determining Your Specific Needs: Each person who enters the door to our facility is unique and will have their own individual needs during recovery. Our educated and experienced staff will work to identify your specific needs before treatment begins. These needs may include medical conditions or disabilities that require special attention or co-occurring mental health disorders that will need to be addressed in treatment.

Our highly trained medical professionals will work to properly adapt our treatment programs as needed to meet your unique needs. In order to increase the likelihood for a positive outcome in treatment, clients of outpatient treatment at East Coast Recovery will have the opportunity to explore our recovery residences. This housing provides a substance-free living environment where they can build upon skills learned in treatment to strengthen the foundation for recovery. 

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