What Is Partial Hospitalization?

What Is Partial Hospitalization?

Partial hospitalization program, or PHP,  is a therapeutic service that requires clients to receive care and treatment for substance use, mental health disorders, or behavioral issues in a unique style of environment. 

partial hospitalization program typical daily schedule

Patients in this style of program will continue to live at home but will come to the center up to seven days per week. PHP centers are able to provide intensive treatment through individual, group, and family therapy while being monitored frequently by trained staff. 

This style of care is available for adults 18+ and the stay can vary dependent on the individuals needs. This kind of treatment is best for individuals who may be a safety risk and need more frequent monitoring and care. Partial hospitalization programs, PHP, are also an option for individuals who have not been successful with lower levels of care, such as outpatient or IOP, or who do not have adequate resources for treatment.

These centers have proven effective by allowing patients to step away from the triggers or distractions in their home life and focus on healing when needed. The frequent support allows these individuals to receive guidance and help from trained staff at any time throughout the day. Patients have access to a variety of care to see what methods and modalities fit each individual. 

In addition to therapeutic care, many facilities offer recreational activities, life-skills practice, and even schooling. Sessions are frequent and treatment is the main focus of the patient’s daily life. Give us a call at 781-400-8018 to begin your journey today.

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