Trauma-Informed Care

What Is Trauma-Informed Care? 

Trauma-informed care is our method of practice that puts patients and their experiences above their addictions or mental illnesses. Early childhood trauma is often the root cause of mental health and behavioral issues. Through trauma-informed care, we support patients by recognizing and responding to signs and symptoms of trauma as we determine the best form of treatment. 

The principles of trauma-informed care start with realizing the impact that trauma has on individuals and its effects throughout an individual’s life. The first step in creating a trauma-informed care practice is to ensure the physical and emotional safety of each patient. We develop trust between patients, their support staff, and clinicians, and strive for patient-centered care.

All staff are trained to understand and recognize how trauma affects physical and mental health, while being sensitive to racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds as well as gender identity. We keep patients involved and collaborate with patients when deciding treatment goals and the care process. 

Trauma-informed care works by following the four Rs: realize, recognize, respond, and resist.

We realize the widespread impact that trauma has on a patient’s life and their actions. 

We recognize the signs and symptoms of trauma in patients, families, and our staff. 

We respond to trauma by being informed and integrating knowledge about trauma into our policies, procedures, and practices. 

We use this knowledge to put the patient first and resist re-traumatization. To find out more about our trauma-informed care call 781-381-6098 today. 


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