What Is In Crank? 5 Dangerous Additives & More

“Crank” is a street name for methamphetamine, a chemically synthesized stimulant.

If you want to know what is in crank, this article is for you. This short but informative blog is perfect for individuals who are familiar with methamphetamine and those who have zero experience with it. You’ll learn what crank is, what’s usually added to crank, the difference between crank and meth, the short and […]

Differences Between Facial & Abdominal Coke Bloat

While facial puffiness and occasional bloating aren’t serious medical conditions, experiencing frequent and consistent coke bloat probably accompanies other side effects, including addiction.

If you’ve heard the term coke bloat, you might think of a bloated stomach after drinking too much soda or eating a large meal. You’ll be surprised to learn that coke bloat refers to two strange but somewhat common side effects of cocaine abuse. This article explains everything you need to know about coke bloat, […]

7 Reasons Why Smoking Weed Can Cause Acne

THC convinces’ the mind it’s hungry, even if someone has already eaten a full meal. This usually leads to constant snacking, and taste buds can feel drawn to soda, cake, chips, ice cream, cookies, and anything else with high amounts of sugar and carbohydrates.

If you smoke weed and have acne, chances are you’re a teenager or young adult. While earlier years of puberty involve growth spurts, body hair, and hormonal changes, one thing that tends to follow teens into their 20s is acne. 85% of people aged 12 – 24 in the U.S. have acne. And that can […]

Why You Should Avoid Fish Scale Coke

If someone tries to sell you "fish scale coke," that’s shiny or iridescent, chances are something was added to achieve that specific look.

If you’ve never heard of fish scale coke, this article is for you. Cocaine can take many forms, and most people aren’t sure how pure the cocaine they just bought from their dealer really is. Some people don’t care what’s been added to their cocaine as long as it gets them high. However, long-term cocaine […]

Snorting Vicodin: Faster High But Quicker Addiction

Snorting and abusing Vicodin increases the likelihood of extreme side effects and addiction.

If you want to know why snorting Vicodin isn’t worth the high, this article is for you. Prescription opioids used to be heavily overprescribed, and it was too easy to get them from friends or family members or ask one or multiple doctors for prescriptions. When you’re not taking Vicodin for prescribed reasons, it can […]

Speedball Drugs: Types, Risks, & Long-term Effects

Speedball drugs are combinations of central nervous system stimulants and depressants, such as cocaine or methamphetamine and heroin or oxycodone.

When you hear “speedball drugs” or “speedballing,” you might think of John Belushi, Chris Farley, or Philip Seymour Hoffman, just a few celebrities taken away by this dangerous combination of substances. As new substances such as Fentanyl and Xylazine spread across the United States and became easily accessible, the definition of speedballing expanded to include […]

What Is Crossfading & How It Can Lead To Polysubstance Addiction

However, in the world of substances and drug abuse, cross fading is a step up from abusing just one substance in a single moment and intensifies and increases the risk of severe side effects and addiction.

When some people hear the word “cross fading” or “cross faded,” their initial thought might point to blending music together. However, in the world of substances and drug abuse, cross fading is a step up from abusing just one substance in a single moment and intensifies and increases the risk of severe side effects and […]

10 Tips on How to Quit Cocaine

person separating cocaine lines on a table

Struggling with a cocaine addiction can be a challenging experience, but it’s essential to know that recovery is possible. Beginning the recovery journey of quitting cocaine may seem overwhelming, but there are many resources available to assist individuals in stopping their substance abuse. As you begin this process, we have gathered 10 tips on how […]

Is Adderall Like Meth? Differences & Similarities

syringes with meth in them and pills scattered around

Many individuals familiar with the world of stimulants may have asked, “Is Adderall like meth?” While both substances fall under the category of stimulants and share side effects on the mind and body, there are still questions about the differences between the two. By understanding the differences between these drugs, individuals can make informed decisions […]

25 Signs Someone Is On Meth: What You Can Do To Help

This short blog explains what meth is, 25 signs someone is on meth, and what you can do to help a stranger or loved one in need.

If you want to know the signs someone is on meth, this is the article for you! Meth abuse can be hard to spot, especially since many of its symptoms and effects are similar to other drugs. But catching early signs of meth use can help prevent abuse from becoming a lifelong addiction. This short […]